AKIS AK-11 Akis ticket printer for Micro Series .. Product #: AK-11 Regular price: SR 3,000.00 SR 3,000.00


Brand: AKIS
Product Code: AK-11

Price: SR 3,000.00

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AK11 is the name of a ticket dispenser that comes together with our queue management system AKIS MICRO. It is the simplest solution offered by our company that prints tickets and this dispenser is a perfect choice for businesses with a need for economical and simple equipment regarding queue management. The ticket dispenser AK11 with an integrated thermal printer and a specialized queue controller prints a ticket automatically afterward the system had been powered. The very moment when a customer comes to a tray and takes the ticket, another ticket is printed out by default.

  • Model name AK11
  • Enclosure dimensions Enclosure dimensions 125 (D) x 150 (W) x 250 (H) mm
  • Housing material Housing material Aluminum
  • Connection port Connection port RJ45/RS485 interface
  • Paper diameter Paper diameter 60 mm