E-C-Q SMART QUEUE SYSTEM ECQ SMART QUEUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Check attachment (ecq.pdf) for more... Product #: ecq100


Brand: E-C-Q
Product Code: ecq100
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We started ECQ with a vision to provide professional products that work the way it should: ‘To help our clients manage customer traffic flow smoothly’
As a brand ECQ stands for quality, dependability and user-friendliness. Our stand-alone series is designed to start operation right out of the box. The ECQ product range consists of stand-alone
devices, integrated systems and tailor-made solutions. ECQSense, our software solution for customers requiring custom made solutions helps extend our range cater to wider business operational needs.


ECQ products are designed by our in-house system design experts and go through rigorous testing and multiple checks before it reaches our customers. The display filters we use in our TD and DM series are designed to provide the most comfortable viewing experience for anyone who looks at them during service delivery. Everything in an ECQ product is carefully crafted to its finest detail to provide a seamless customer experience. We simply want to make ‘waiting’ a better
customer journey within your system.